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WS | Full Grain Vegetable-tanned Leather Mouse Pad | Tan | 25*20cm | Rectangle

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Product Description

Keep daily items and

stories in place with

crafted leather pieces.

Our hand-selected, vegetable-tanned leather have been carefully processed in tannins found in plants and tree bark. It leaves each piece with a sweet, earthy fragrance––a gentle reminder of its natural origins. Over time, the vegetable-tanned leather ages gracefully and acquires a beautiful patina.

The leather is so soft, you will love the way your mouse dances on it! It can also slide right next to your laptop and be kept in your bag neatly when not in use.

Just for an ease of mind, we’ve finished your leather accessory with a protective, water-resistant layer of beeswax.

Care Instructions:

Avoid dampness and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

In case of damp or dirt, gently dab with a dry, light-coloured absorbent cloth and allow to dry naturally.