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LV | Gardening Tool Set | 7 pcs | Shamrock Botanics

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Product Description

Calling out to all plant lovers! 📢 📢 📢

Here comes the ultimate gardening tool set that has everything you need to grow your master garden!

With a Standard Trowel, a Transplanting Trowel, a Cultivator, and a Bypass Pruner, which are all made from durable, rust-resistant cast aluminium, as well as a Kneeler and a pair of Gardening Gloves, you can grab your bag and get your hands dirty whenever you want, wherever you are!

Gardening tool set consists of:

- Standard trowel

- Transplanting trowel

- Cultivator

- Bypass Pruner

- Kneeler 

- Gardening Gloves 

- Canvas Tote Bag