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DN | Tritan Bottle | Light Grey | 720ml |

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Product Description

Tritan Bottle

Looking for a bottle that is stylish yet rugged, easy to carry, and at an affordable price? This Tritan bottle with a contemporary curvy design will fit the bill!

Tritan is an FDA-certified, impact-resistant and tough BPA-free material.

Its characteristics and optical clarity mimic glass, until you drop it……and then pick it up, and move on with life without having to clean up the shattered pieces. 

Besides being unbreakable, it also has exceptional dishwasher durability, making it easier to care for compared to other materials. 

These characteristics of Tritan extend the useful lifespan of the water bottles and food containers, reducing waste and contribute to resource conservation. 

Available in 2 colors: Rosy Pink & Light Grey

Product Information: 

Dishwasher safe.

Withstand heat up to 80°C.

Not recommended to put Tritan bottles in freezer.