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DN | Ceramic Stackable Mug | Sage Green | 400ml | Round

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Product Description

Stoneware Stackable Mugs

Cold hands? Warm mugs! 

This handmade high-fire stoneware mug is finished in natural colour reactive glaze, with matte unglazed finish at the bottom where the mugs stack. 

A 400ml volume and a wide opening make it perfect for coffee, tea, or any of our favourite drinks (wine included!), as well as serving cookies, ice cream, and desserts, too!  

Designed and handcrafted with love, each of these stackable mugs is slightly unique from each other and has a story to tell – enjoy them as a collection or individually!  

Available in 4 earthy colours: Sage Green, Pink Belacan, Lumut, & Light Grey  

Product Information:  

Microwave and oven safe. 

Dishwasher safe.