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AC | Black Walnut Wood Tray | Dark Brown | 34*23*2cm | Rectangle

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Product Description

Black Walnut Wood Board

A collection of clean and refined solid black walnut wood boards. 

A natural series that is ideal for your home, and heartwarming as a gift.

Just like any other natural materials, each of these boards has unique characters that are displayed through their grain patterns and colours. 

The surface of the walnut tray is matte finished and sealed with food grade wax oil. Perfect for serving food, cheese party platter, coffee, or desserts, as well as displaying items as a classy valet tray to catch your daily items. 

Product Information: 

Each tray differs in grain patterns.

Hand wash with mild soap only.

Air dry completely after washing.

Do not soak in water.

Apply cooking oil on the surface periodically to maintain the wood’s natural characteristics.